Sworn advocate offices of «Rusanovs & Partners»

We are not an international law office because all our advocates speak several languages; neither is it thanks to our foreign partners; it's not even because many of our clients are from abroad. We are an international office of sworn advocates since we are providing legal aid within one of the biggest economic regions of the world – Russian Federation.


Since Egons Rusanovs, managing partner at sworn advocate offices of «Rusanovs & Partners», became a member of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates (Russian Federation), our possibilities have literally skyrocketed. Our Latvian and EU clients no longer need to bother searching for secure and qualified legal services in the Russian Federation – they can be found right here.


Professionalism, quality, security, reliability, transparency and other European traditions will permit anyone in the European Union member state Latvia to, without traveling to Russia, secure legal assistance and representation in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in the impressive Urals and Siberian industrial manufacturing centers, in the Far East and elsewhere – hence, in any region one might need.


We provide and ensure a full -range of legal services in any jurisdiction in Latvia and Russia. Not only do we assist our clients in understanding the complexities of the Russian Federation legal system, but also with preparation and implementation of a set of systems that guarantee the rights of foreign investors and business people.

We have, of course, not abandoned our most familiar activities – representing or defending clients in complicated and very complicated criminal cases in Latvia and Russia – that is the core business of the sworn advocate offices of «Rusanovs & Partners», based on experience gained since 1982.

We have become somewhat of a trademark in that time.


We help physical and legal persons in possible and actual criminal proceedings, where extensive knowledge of national and international law is necessary, and also ensure qualified representation at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. We always agree that timely prevention is better than a cure, and we consistently advise clients on staying on the right side of the law.


Full- range consultation for regular corporate clients – a very exclusive service, which we provide with a special – personal – quality. Clients just developing their businesses are also welcome for assistance in assuring proper legal status for their activities, including decisions by the board and executive committee. 


Our job: We know it and love it!