Office of Sworn Advocates Ā«Rusanovs & PartneriĀ»

Sworn advocate Egons Rusanovs established the office of Sworn Advocates «Rusanovs & Partneri» in 1992, in order to ensure to its clients professional, rigorously confidential, precise and wide-ranging legal assistance in all legal disciplines.

Business in Latvia sometimes may inflict many unpredictable and unpleasant challenges, e.g. unfounded criminal procedures initiated by competitors or debtors who are acting in bad faith, also diverse civil court proceedings, including artificially initiated legal protection proceedings and insolvency proceedings, concealment of assets, illegal takeovers of companies (raids) and other problems.  
Guaranteeing absolute loyalty, we consistently and effectively defend the interests of our clients in every place and field – in extrajudicial negotiations, in all court instances of all types of proceedings, including proceedings regarding the confiscation of criminally acquired property, also in the State police, the Security police, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau of Latvia (KNAB), State Revenue Service and other corresponding competent authorities.
We provide legal assistance to asylum seekers. These cases are often related to extradition proceedings, because various authoritarian regimes often use criminal procedural techniques in concocted criminal cases as an instrument of political persecution. Because of this matter, we provide representation in the State Border Guard, the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, the Administrative Court, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Supreme Court.
We aid in international court proceedings, including the European Court of Human Rights.
We ensure legal assistance and representation in administrative procedure in both, public authorities and court, including the assistance in disputes with State Revenue Service, State Land Board, local governments and other institutions.
We provide legal assistance in all civil rights matters (preparation of contracts, settlement of disputes related to ownership rights, property rights, inheritance proceedings and the like), which includes conducting negotiations, representation in courts of general jurisdiction and courts of arbitration.
We also assist to resolve the matters related to family law, such as divorce, distribution of joint property, legal representation of children (determination of habitual residence, transboundary matters – return of a child, regulation of access rights, child maintenance support) etc.