Advocate is able to win the case if client trusts him

Egons Rusanovs

We work for the outcome

We do not want to waste your money and we do not want our time to be wasted. Let us immediately look for a precise solution. Here and now.

Valuable advice

A good advice helps not to bang a head against a wall. It is necessary to know laws in order to give the right advice. We are able to give such an advice.

Ability to adapt

It is not the strongest who survives. It is the one who adapts. Conflict situations are resolved by the ability to make use of experience and knowledge in the right time and place.


Egons Rusanovs portrets
Egons Rusanovs

Sworn Advocate

Armands Bobrovskis portrets
Armands Bobrovskis

Sworn Advocate

Iveta Ēdolfa portrets
Iveta Ēdolfa

Sworn Advocate

Eduards Vaišļa portrets
Eduards Vaišļa

Sworn Advocate

Santa Oborenko portrets
Santa Oborenko

Assistant to Sworn Advocate

Jānis Dobelnieks portrets
Jānis Dobelnieks

Assistant to Sworn Advocate

Juris Janums portrets
Juris Janums

Assistant to Sworn Advocate

Daiga Nāckalna-Bivbāne portrets
Daiga Nāckalna-Bivbāne

Assistant to Sworn Advocate

Daira Sergejeva portrets
Daira Sergejeva

Assistant to Sworn Advocate

Aiga Oborenko portrets
Aiga Oborenko


Our competences

A carelessly spoken word or an inconsiderate signature may have a crucial role. Therefore, depending on the case, we offer consultations with experienced professionals even before, for example, a questioning or a deal.

Negotiations with opponents is a significant instrument for resolving the conflict situations. Negotiating is a trait, which is comparable to a calligraphy. It is polished for years to achieve perfection. We have such an experience. The same refers to the technique of drafting legal documents.

The presence of advocate during search and in the moment of applying detention or arrest, when the experience and deep knowledge of law is particularly necessary, will protect you from gross invasion of your procedural rights.

It is difficult to win a case in court without the presence of experienced advocate.

Nevertheless, if the case is being examined in court, it should be remembered that the orator is not the one who dazzles listeners with his eloquence, but the one who can persuade decision-makers of the right of spoken to be found as a truth.

Contemporary social environment inevitably provokes conflict situations. Sometimes – they are even seemingly unresolvable. That is why we like to say: «We made it!»